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Tips for Yoast SEO site

After you have finished writing your article or the blog post you need to do the SEO optimization using the Yoast SEO plugin.This will take only few minutes.

You can see the Yoast specific settings immediately below the writing area.The main 4 core settings that you have to work with are “SEO title,” “Slug,” “Meta description” and “Focus keyword.”

Completing these settings will bring you up a live preview of what your post will look like when it is discovered in Google search engine results

Make your SEO Title very attractive and modern so that the user clicks it. And under the meta description include in brief about the summary of the article you wrote. Your meta discretion should answer the question “What is this post/article about”. The Yoast SEO plugin will provide real-time feedback, as you begin to optimize your title and description.

SEO tip;s

To get things done easy in Yoast SEO you should have a rough idea about these terms
Key word density means the number of times where your focus keyword appears in the particular text

Alt attributes are the texts that the reader can see in the image area if image doesn’t load in the browser.

Transition words (also known as signal words) give direction to your readers. These words show the reader that you are summarizing (and, too), comparing (less than, rather) or concluding something (thus, consequently, hence).


Type of relation Examples of transition words
enumerate and, first of all, also, another, furthermore, finally, in addition
cause because, so, due to, while, since, therefore
comparison/ contrast same, less, rather, while, yet, opposite, much as, either
conclusion as a result, hence, consequently, therefore, in conclusion
fuzzy signals seems like, maybe, probably, almost
emphasis most of all, most noteworthy, especially relevant

Flesch reading ease measures textual difficulty of a text in English
These are the essential tips to rank using Yoast Plugin for a beginner.If you want to have a detailed guide visit the Yoast SEO official site from here.




Try to get many green lights as possible but do not stress if you are unable to get a perfect score.If you managed to get 80% green lights then you are In the right SEO track .




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