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Top 10 most Funny Websites to Reduce Your Stress

As web developers and blog writers every day we spend a busy schedule.Focusing on work which is highly competitive.After reading this article You will find some space to relax your mind for a while.and get away from mental stress.

Today I have brought you an interesting list about some of the best funny and strange websites.These top sites will surely fresh up your mind.If you are in some stress or in kind of problem don’t think twice to check every bit of site listed in here.

Go through this sites and Reduce Your stress

So here we go with the Top 20 Must visit Funny, And Interesting Websites.

1. Clever Bot

This is one of the best and famous websites within internet users.Of course, this is my Favourite too.Cleverbot uses an artificial intelligence algorithm to chat with users.This algorithm is optimized to have conversations with humans.Just start chatting with this application and you will get surprised.Yo can go on chatting with this application for hours without getting bored.

2.Snap Bubbles Snap Bubbles

Have you ever spent some time in playing with bubble wrappers?Some-times the bubble wrap is better than the gift itself..Now you can snap them all day long.I mean the virtual ones. Pop some yourself as well.


ZoomQuilt is one of the best illusions websites that is to be found on the internet.This website consists of infinite endless illusions created by flash. This is indeed one of the best art on the internet. You will be really amazed by the way it goes on


Welcome to Zombocom.You can do anything on zombo (anything is possible), the only limit is yourself.You will understand the above lines once you open the website

 5.Pointer Pointer

This site requires you to move your mouse pointer to any point on your monitor.Where Random photos appear on the screen.This is a good site to do some time pass.

6.Do Not Go On

Everyone makes mistakes.Logging to this site will also be a mistake.So please don’t click here.(Just click it )

Confused?? Well yes, you must be. Visit the site and you will know the reason.

7.Nicest Place on the Internet

Just take a break for a second. Need some love? Feeling sad or heartbroken Welcome to the Nicest place on the internet !!!.This website can cheer you up with music and hugs, from people who really care.Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

8.Patience is a Virtue

Being patient is a good thing to practice.It can reduce your stress for sure.Just visit it yourself and you will find that Patience is indeed a virtue

9.Staggering Beauty

When you logged into the site it will be instructed to “Shake vigorously” Meaning – move your mouse around the screen rapidly. See what happens We will not say what is going to happen next.

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10.Feed The Head

With this site you can do various strange things using head,eyes,ears,ect.This is extremely wonderful but a tough game to win.As ultimately you have to make it disappear.

  • You will get addicted to this game




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