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How to Start a Blog with no expirence

How to Start a Blog

Here is the deal, if you follow every step of this article I guarantee that you will get every detailed solution for this question How to Start a Blog ??

Do you want to start a WordPress blog and Start sharing your knowledge?Do you want to sell your service via the blog and earn a fine income?We know that it is a bit terrifying at first.You have to deal with the Domain name registration, Choosing a hosting package activating it and so on.Guess what-You are not along You have come to the right place.Scout-labs team has decided to create the most comprehensive guide on how to start a WordPress blog without any technical knowledge.

In this guide, we will show you the step by step guide to starting a WordPress site using Bluehost service provider.

What do you need to start a WordPress blog?


There are three main things that you need to start a WordPress blog

  1. A Domain name(This will be the name of your blog i.e
  2. A web hosting account(This is where your websites live on the internet.)
  3. 30 minutes to read this article

Yes, you read it right you just need 30 minutes to build an outstanding WordPress blog from scratch.With this tutorial, you just want to have the basic data entry skills.

In this tutorial, we will cover

  • How to Register a Domain Name for Free
  • How to Choose the Best Web Hosting
  • How to Install WordPress
  • How to Change Your Theme
  • How to Write Your First Blog Post
  • How to Customize WordPress with Plugins
  • Resources to Learn WordPress

Let’s get Started

Step 1. Setup

The biggest mistake that beginners make when starting a blog is they chose the wrong platform.But thankfully now you are at the right place.You are going to start your blog on WordPress the world’s most popular and 100% free platform.You might wonder why this blogging platform is 100% free?? what is the catch?

There is no Catch.It’s free because you have to setup the site by yourself.

In other words, you need to buy a domain and choose a good Web hosting.

A domain name is what people type in the address bar.It’s your website’s address on the internet( Like,

Web hosting is where your website live.It’s the place where all the website images and text files are stored.Every website needs web hosting.

A domain name typically costs $14.99 / year, and web hosting normally costs $7.99 / month.

That’s a lot for a beginner who is just starting things up.

Thankfully, Bluehost an official WordPress recommended hosting provider, has agreed to offer our users a free domain name and over 60% off on web hosting.

About Blue Host

How to Start a Blog

Bluehost is one of the oldest web hosting companies, started in 1996 (that’s before Google). They’re also the biggest manufacturer as it pertains to WordPress hosting simply because they host millions of websites including our website.

Along with all this, Bluehost has been working with WordPress since 2005, and they are focused on giving back. That’s why they have promised us that if you fail to get your blog online within 30 minutes by following this tutorial, then our expert team will complete the procedure for you without the cost. They will compensate us, so you don’t have to. Contact us for free blog setup help.

NOTE: At Scout-labs, we rely on transparency. In the event that you register with Bluehost using our referral link, we will earn a small commission at no extra cost for your requirements (in fact, you will cut costs and get a totally free domain). We would fully grasp this commission for recommending pretty much any WordPress hosting company, but we simply recommend products that people use personally use and believe will add value to our readers.

Now simply go and purchase your free Domain and hosting

Open up Bluehost in a new window and follow along.

First thing you need to do is click on the green Get Started Now button to get started

On the appearing window select the plan you prefer.

How to Start a Blog

After that, you will be asked to enter the domain name for your website

How to Start a Blog

After selecting your domain you need to add your account information and finalize the package info to complete the process.

Please don’t go to add optional extras at this time.You can always add them later when you need.

How to Start a Blog

Once completed you will receive an email for the given E-mail address.This E-mail contains all the details on how to login to your web hosting control panel.

This control panel is the place where you manage all sort of support, E-mail handling, File management and most importantly this is the place where you install WordPress

Bluehost gives you a very simple and attractive control panel.It is very easy to learn how to manage from their control panel.

Step 2. Install WordPress

After login to your Cpanel, you will see a dozen of small icons for different services.As a beginner, this will be a bit overwhelming.You can ignore 95% of these icons because you will never need to use them.

Scroll down to the website section and click on the WordPress icon.

How to Start a Blog


You will be redirected to the Bluehost Marketplace Quick Install screen for WordPress. Click on the Get Started button.

On the next screen, you will be asked to select your domain name. Choose the domain from the drop-down and then click Next.

How to Start a Blog

After that, you have to enter your Site name, insattUsername and a password for your site. Don’t forget to check all the check boxes.Then click install

How to Start a Blog

This will start installing WordPress.The marketplace will prompt you to browse WordPress themes while the installation process.

No need of doing those stuff as we are guiding you through the WordPress themes in next few minutes

Once WordPress is finished installing, you will see the success notice in the top header bar.

How to Start a Blog

Click on the Installation complete link and it will take you to the WordPress login window

How to Start a Blog

Now you have created your WordPress site.Congratulations.

Your WordPress login URL Will look like this

Click on the WordPress login link to login to your dashboard.

Now we are ready to Customize your WordPress site appearance. Add posts and start blogging.

Step 3. Selecting your WordPress Theme

All the visual appearance of your website is controlled by Your theme.When you first log into your Blog it will look like this.

How to Start a Blog

This is not very attractive for most users.But Don’t worry there are Thousands of Pre-modified WordPress themes that you can install for free.

Customizing your website look is one of the most exciting and rewarding part in the journey of creating your WordPress site.Be creative and search the WordPress free theme gallery to get the most suitable theme.

You can change your theme by going to your WordPress dashboard and clicking on Appearance » Themes.

How to Start a Blog

And Click Add New button

On the next screen, You will find the free WordPress themes that are available in the official WorPress theme directory.You can filter this theme directory using popular, features, latest etc

How to Start a Blog

When you found the right theme that you like simply bring your mouse on it and you will see the Install Button.Click on it and it will take few seconds to install.After the installation is complete you will see that the install button has replaced with Activate Button.You need to click on it to Activate the theme.

How to Start a Blog

Once you have finished installing the theme you can customize it by clicking on Customize link under the appearance menu.Basic customization is very simple as changing profile picture in social media.Changing colors and appearance can be done easily.

If you need some help to customize your current theme.Feel free to drop a message or a comment.We are looking forward to help you.-[Scout Lab Team]

Once you have selected your WordPress theme.Now you are ready to create your first blog post.

Step 4. Creating Your First Blog Post

To write your first blog post, click on the Posts » Add New menu in your WordPress dashboard.

You will see an editor area where you can write your first blog post.

How to Start a Blog

Once you have finished writing your blog article.Go ahead and click publish button on the right to publish your first article to the world!!!!

How to Start a Blog

On the posts section, You will notice that there are several sections such as Categories and Tags.You can use these to Organize Your blog Posts

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As we are a startup blogging company we have more than enough time to reply for your issues and problems.We hope to pay attention for every matter personally and come with the most suitable solution.Please comment below or contact us for free assistance and guidance.[Scout Labs]











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