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Why You Shouldn’t Create a Blog on Free Blogging Platforms

Free Blogging Platforms

Most of the newcomers are confused and ask what is the use of a self-hosted WordPress site. While there are more than enough 100% free sites where you don’t want to purchase any hosting or domain names.( Free Blogging Platforms !!!)
So I thought of writing this article to convey the necessity of self-hosted website.This a very short and brief article.

If you want to become a successful blogger and earn some extra dollars, no doubt that you need to self-host your WordPress blog.

Have you ever seen a successful blogger who is using a free blogging website like “”?To take the full control of your site you need to have a self-hosted WordPress site.

Not only that, Free blogging platforms have many other problems too including.

  • You can’t Control your content-Blogging platform can shut your website down at any time.and for any reason
  • The website address of your blog will be long and hard to remember.You should have a unique branded address to your blog
  • You are not allowed to advertise(On most free blogging platforms) -with free blogging platforms, it’s much harder to ever make money from blogging.

We can avoid all these limitations with a self-hosted website.

But If you really don’t care whether or not your blog will be successful, go with free blogging platforms. They’re an okay way to try out blogging for a little bit.

And also if you want to make your own audience and build a brand face the challenge and follow up this article, Get the juice and make it work.You make the rules and control your content.

If I were you, I’d start with a self-hosted blog on my own domain from day one. Setting up a blog like this is WAY easier and less expensive than you think.



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