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How to buy a Domain Name + hosting for your Blog in 5 minutes

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to purchase a domain name using Hostgator.Plus by following the exact steps in this tutorial you can start your first month hosting for 0.01USD

These are the steps that you are going to follow when buying/purchasing a domain name

  1. Visit HostGator
  2. Type in the desired domain name and check if it’s available
  3. Pick a plan for your domain
  4. Fill your personal details and paying info
  5. Checkout


1. Head over to the HostGator

Click on the above hyperlink and you will be directed to the Hostgator page where you can start the setup.Or Click on the image below

Buy a domain


2.Type in the desired domain name and check if it’s available


Register a domain Name

In this page, you can type your needed domain.In this image You can see I have typed as an example.Choose “Register a new domain”.

But if you already have a domain and you plan to use hosting then tick the I Already Own This Domain option.

3.Pick a plan for your domain

with this link you can have your first month hosting for only 0.01 USD

Register a domain Name

4.Fill your personal details and paying info

Before proceeding further you should fill in your personal details.This is for the privacy reasons so the transaction can go smoothly.

Website essentials or purchasing additional services are not essential.You can always add them if you need in future.But it is wise to choose “Automated backups”  in case you mess something up.This backup can give your website back if you messed it up.But generating a backup manually is not a big deal.You can do that drop a comment if you like to know about getting a backup manually.

Register a domain Name




The total price for blog domain & hosting will vary from $35 to 45$.According to my opinion, it’s a reasonable amount for a beginner.

You no need to worry about the Coupon code by using my link the most suitable coupon code is automatically added. Cheers!!!

Now you are done!!.It was simpler than you might think right???

Furthermore, if you need any help setting up your domain or blog. Shoot me an e-mail to and I’m more than happy to help you out!

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